We assemble membership, supporter lists and prospect and customer lists automatically with our technology system. We can assist a limited number of charities without charge. 

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About Us

Trinity Mobile Application Technologies Inc.



Why the name Trinity?

There are 3 Founders of our company

Douglas G. Edwards         
Susan M. Pletch               
Shoa Hasan                     

 How was our company born?

We carefully debated and finally choose our name "Trinity" for a number of reasons. 

a) Our telecom service was designed to work on the main 3 mobile platforms of iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

b) Our services can be downloaded and used on up to 3 different mobile devices with only 1 telephone number sharing between them! Actually its even better...up to 25 employees can utilize a single Trinity telephone number!

c) Consumers will want 3 or more different telephone numbers from us one for work, one for their home residence and another for their vacation weekend home or cottage!

Trinity also is symbolic of our principals' belief in a balance in work, family and social causes and that is why our systems were designed to assist your work, family, freelance businesses as well as your social causes and clubs, churches, and
social causes important to you and us.


We are a private corporation based in Canada. We are Canadians and North Americans.
We specialize in direct and database marketing and telephony solutions for businesses and social organizations. We are a group of talented professionals who have assembled powerful business solutions for the assistance of charities, social organizations and small to large business owners to assemble their membership lists without staff and without their own dedicated call center. 

We use the best new technologies in telephony, database collection and audio recording in our services. We can collect your data, all permission based

Our emphasis is membership or sales lead generation in easily compiled and assembled databases.  That's why we built the technologies for you to "Join This Club" to build your permission based consumer and business prospect databases. 

By amortizing the cost of the collection tools, methods and equipment over numerous organizations, clients and campaigns, we do not need to re-invent the wheel each time a new organization requires their membership assembled in a database. This is why in some cases we can offer our basic services to a limited number of not-for-profit organizations without charge.

We have built very cost effective means of assembling consumer databases either by secure data entry by the individual consumers into a centralized cloud based database web form entry or by merely telephoning into our call center numbers and opting in to join your club, group, offer or membership organization.



Our background in tourism radio broadcasting has demonstrated to us that in telephony and call centers good quality and professional voice overs for promotional announcements and voice talent is hard to find. The average call center employee, customer service representatives do not have the tone and audio quality of a sales convincing radio announcer to motivate a "call to action" from the consumer. That is why we also provide professional voice recording services and FM radio transmitters installation and turn-key solutions for your community's own FM radio station.


Our telephone database service can handle voting by telephone, for polls and surveys, and we can roll up the results to validate one household telephone number-one vote fairness. An audio recording of the voter to verify his or her identity can also be part of our service offerings.  In addition our telephone virtual call center can handle unlimited simultaneously inbound callers so your customers will never get a busy signal and your marketing announcement will be heard by all of those who call your dedicated telephone number on our system.



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Our North American Sales & Administration offices are located in Saugeen Shores Southampton  Ontario, Barrie Ontario and Toronto Ontario

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