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New To Saugeen Shores and Sauble Beach

Pre-paid E-Gift Certificates in the following denominations only

or more !

Just etransfer your payment FOR EXAMPLE

$100+ hst= $113

to TrinitySouthampton@gmail.com
and we will email you your electronic Pizza Plan info and start your account balance at the Pizza Pick-up and Take-out store in downtown Southampton.

We can take credit cards with a 3% service fee extra to cover banking fees. We prefer etransfers!

OPENING  in the restaurant districts of downtown Southampton and Sauble Beach!

Local food vendors and catering and restaurant owners call us to join our team of suppliers!


Terms and Conditions of E-Gift Certificates. You the customer are purchasing Food vouchers at various $ amounts plus HST from Tourism Radio 89.5 FM a Division of Trinity Mobile Application Technologies Inc., a private Ontario corporation based in Saugeen Shores Ontario Canada.

Food purchases which you redeem at the Food vendor below are Valid ONLY through June 1, 2023 till November 1st, 2023.
When you purchase from us your e-gift Pizza & Ice cream Pre-Paid Plan in $100 amount for example you will be charged $100 plus HST. The participating retailer will enter your Name, Telephone # and $ Paid amount into their POS system and will deduct any purchases from their store from your remaining opening initial balance and thereafter from your declining balance being in effect "on your pre-paid account or running total of your tab.

When paying by etransfer the full amount for example of $100 + HST =$113.00 will be in your initial balance of your account. Your receipt is your etransfer from Your bank. If you wish to charge to a credit card a 3% credit card fee is applied so for example if you purchase $100 plus HST + $113 X 97% = $109.61 would be your initial opening balance of your pre-paid account at this FOOD retailer. For credit card purchases your receipt will come from Square credit card processing from Trinity Mobile Applications Technologies Inc.  Contact: D. G. Edwards 519-797-2034
​​​​​​ Email: TrinitySouthampton@gmail.com
Your $ balance is ONLY valid from June 1, 2023 to November 1, 2023 and remaining amount including any unredeemed amounts will expire on November 1, 2023. Although gift vouchers do not normally expire in Canada the balance on tab is considered running a courtesy tab for our customers and any remaining $ amount will be considered a tip for services for our restaurant team and staff members. No refunds will be issued. By purhasing You have agreed to these terms and conditions and the final decision is solely at the discretion of Trinity Mobile Application Technologies Inc.

Coming in Summer 2024 is several weekend
Lobster Festivals...stayed tuned


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Our North American Sales & Administration offices are located in Saugeen Shores Southampton  Ontario, Barrie Ontario and Toronto Ontario

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