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What does the App do?

With the Trinity Mobile App, you can convert your smart phone with only one number, into a smarter phone with MULTIPLE phone numbers. Call out and Receive calls on these numbers. Plus choose numbers from across North America in any city.


Why would I need multiple numbers?

From Privacy to Cost Saving to Business, the potential for multiple numbers is unlimited. Here are some possible uses:



·         Discreet numbers for special friends or dating

·         Different numbers for different groups; college friends, fraternity  house friends, office colleagues

·         For use in publicly shared forums like, Craigslist, Kijiji, eBay and classifieds

·         Privacy usage, e.g. resume and on-line dating



·         Cancel & save the cost of your old Home Phone; just Port /Bring Over your home number to your Trinity App. And best of all, with the Trinity Twin or Trio Pack, either of the spouses can pick up the call on their individual cell phones

·         Security:  answer calls made to your empty secondary or vacation home. If unsavory people are calling to see if the house is vacant, you can still answer and appear present



·         Different numbers for different customer segments, e.g. special numbers for VIP customers

·         Earn your customer’s confidence with a local number in any North American city

·         For Freelance work without your 9AM to 5PM Boss ever knowing!

·         Save on expensive cellular plans for your employees; just provide them with Trinity numbers on their own personal device. BYODBring Your Own Device


What devices does it work on and will I have to change handset/carriers?

No need to change handset or carriers. The Trinity App will work on iPhones (iOS 6 and higher) and Android (3.0 and higher). The app will also work on Blackberry phones that can run android apps (latest version of BB10).


What makes the Trinity App unique?

This is a new growth market with less than a couple of other operators. However, the Trinity App has a few major advantages over the others:

1.       Trinity uses the voice network of your main carrier to connect the call from the handset to the backend. This provides superior voice quality compared to VOIP quality calling from others

2.       By using voice and not data, the user saves on their expensive data package

3.       Some competitors can only provide one additional number, whereas Trinity provides unlimited numbers

4.       Simple, fixed monthly pricing, no need to worry about pay per usage pricing used by others  


Trinity Website: http://www.jointhisclub.com/

Apple Store:


Android Store: 


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Watch our introduction video below...

Now you can be in 2 places at one time!  With Trinity you can be in 2, 3, 4, 5 or more places at one time for your



Watch the videos above to learn about all the key features and benefits in just 4 minutes!


Watch the video above to view actual smart phone screen shots and functionality. 


Watch the video above to learn about more features and benefits of Trinity!




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